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TOGETHER! Meet-Up for Women

Women supporting women in re-defining their lives and careers while re-shaping our society and culture!

The TOGETHER! MeetUp for Women group was founded by Tatjana Luethi with a specific focus on promoting women’s personal and professional empowerment, development and entrepreneurship. This group is for women who want to merge their personal and professional experience, and their life and career with a meaningful, purpose-driven and prosperous livelihood while making a profound impact and contribution to our community, our culture and society.

Who is it for?

  • Women seeking to create a meaningful, purpose-driven and prosperous livelihood
  • Women with a vision for a community project / business
  • Women who want to make a difference
  • Women who want to be part of this new culture and movement
  • Women establishing an economic infrastructure amongst women
  • Women seeking structure, strategies, support and accountability


Our Approach
Our approach is based on a 3 step process. We call them pillars:

  • Breaking the boundaries from conditioning and defining your Authentic Self
  • Establishing strategies and support structure to implement your goal and vision
  • Defining the systems and mechanism to execute your goal and vision


Pillar 1:
Self-awareness Skills – Managing Yourself, Others & Life Circumstances

Know thyself and create your life and career! The way we know work and life is changing. Today it’s not just about a degree, body of knowledge and a set of technicals skills. But rather our soft skills (or meta skills) are the key to manage and lead ourselves and others. In addition, women and men are looking for more meaning, purpose, quality and balance in their life and work. Self-awareness around who you are and what you stand for, your values, your interests, your passion, and understanding of your core needs are the base to generate personal (self-) leadership skills. At the end of the day, it comes down to authentic self-management and how we show up from that perspective…regardless the circumstances.


Pillar 2:
Defining Strategies and Structures to implement your Vision and Goals
After we create clarity and definition around who you are on an autonomous and authentic level, we then move into strategic steps. We strategically define and scale the “You” into a brand / project / movement / service or product. We define your tribe (audience), and we define and prioritize your goals to implement your aligned vision. We look at the structures of support and further skill development you need, and how to cultivate sustainable and mutually beneficiary partnerships.


Pillar 3:
Let’s Get Tactical – Defining Platforms, Systems and Mechanisms
After we create clarity around your value proposition, and understand and relate to your demographics needs and goals, we are ready to get tactical. Here is where we prioritize your action plan as it relates to business model, sales, marketing, social media, eCommerce, finance, legal etc. What are the platforms, systems and mechanisms you need to support your project, movement or business?

A new Leadership model: Autonomy and creative self-expression
The TOGETHER! MeetUp for Women started out by engaging in topics such as how creative self-expression can become a critical vehicle in making a profound difference and contribution in the life of ourself, others, our society, and our world. What does it mean to be creative? And how does that relate to a sense of personal fulfillment, meaning and purpose? How can creative self-expression at its highest form become a vehicle to make a difference in the lives of others? And what happens when you utilize your creative self-expression with a deep relatedness and understanding of the unmet needs of others ? How does all this relate to women’s leadership? And why does women’s leadership matter in this very moment of history? How can female leadership represent the base to chart a new, more humane, and sustainable future for men and women together?

The TOGETHER! MeetUp for Women is a means to research, understand and relate to the goals and needs of women who desire to make a difference in the community. Through direct immersion and involvement with these pioneering women we will gain a better understanding and relatedness of how best to serve women, further developing and providing relevant programs, workshops and services.

Check out the TOGETHER! Meet-Up Group for Women HERE