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Get Access to our FREE Educational Videos: “Should You Become Certified as a Women-owned Business in LA?

If you are a woman entrepreneur and didn’t make it to our TOGETHER! Network event at LA City Hall with the Mayor’s Office last March, then don’t worry! We are pleased to share with you our FREE educational videos, these videos will be of interest to you if you are one of those female entrepreneurs that ever wondered if it might be beneficial “to become certified as a women-owned business in Los Angeles”?

We conveniently cut the panel conversation into smaller, easy digestible bits and categorized them sequentially for you.



These 11 short videos will be helpful if:

  • If you are a woman entrepreneur who has never heard about “WBE certification” for women-owned businesses and wants to learn what it is and why
  • If you have an existing business and are interested in learning about the benefits and process of WBE certification
  • If you are a women entrepreneur who wants to learn if “WBE certification” is right for you / your industry
  • If you are a women entrepreneur who started the process but found it confusing, time-consuming, and wants additional support to complete your certification.
  • If you are an aspiring or new female entrepreneur and are simply curious what this is all about

To listen to the panels click HERE

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Videography and editing by: Drewsy Media


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