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Rise In Power Of The Middle-Aged Woman

According to Trends specialist, Gail Minogue, every 20 years brings a major shift in energy and influence. Each 20 year cycle has a 20 year preparatory phase. Beginning in 2024, we will enter Period 9 represented by the middle-aged woman and the middle daughter. We are now in the preparatory phase. For the next 8 years women must understand the roles they will play and begin preparing for these positions of power that they will be responsible for from 2024 to 2044. We are currently in Period 8 represented by young males such as tech stars, gamers, young warriors, terrorists, gangs and rise in ADHD. Energies will strongly shift towards the feminine influence within the next few years.

Join the TOGETHER! Network and Gail Minogue to learn and discuss a powerful emerging trend and what it means for our society.

WHEN: Wed, April 13th, 7 – 9.30pm
WHAT: 2-hr presentation and interactive conversation
WHO: The TOGETHER! Network Team and One Roof featuring Gail Minogue